Project for Art Trail, catalogue for the collective exhibition of 
"Slow Space, Fast Pace", Cork, Ireland, 2007
Text from Didier ARNAUDET, Art Critic, for the catalogue of Julia Pallone, artiste en résidence à Monflanquin, 2006

Text from writer Helen Falconer for the Exhibtion Half Asleep, Ballina Arts Centre, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Text published in the Newspaper Wester People, WP extra, June 16 2009.


Dreams for sleepy heads

There’s a charming blue-painted child’s cot in the centre of the floor…and although it is empty, it is full of dreams. The shadow it throws is made of gold, and golden flowers burst glittering from its bars. In another corner, a ladder of fragile bones climbs to the roof. Elsewhere, coloured beads hang in clusters, casting a shadowed instruction on the wall – close ouyr eyes. These are the dreams of Julia Pallone, a young French artsit resident in Cork, whose exhibiton « half Asleep »- an exploration of the boundaries between sleep and wakefulness – is currently showing in Ballina Arts Centre. It is an exhibit of dreams, but Julia’s dreams are not dark, montruous things, rattling the bars of a Freudian subconcious. Rather, they are the sort of fragile, charming dreams that arise when the arly sun comes into the room, and the birds are on the roof, and a bee is banging its head against the glass. In her drawings of sleepers tossing beneath their duvets (their bed clothes sprouting humorous images) Julia celebrates a central beauty of human existence – that we can occupy more than one world simultaneously, and cross  vast tracts of time and space without even getting out of bed.