I like stories: the woman born from a rib, Kronos’ sperm that impregnates the sea, the prince riding through hills and dales, the comb growing into a forest, the forest itself, words turning into snakes or diamonds….
By using different means such as drawing, photography or installations, I develop a poetic vision of the world, fragile and vulnerable. My interest lies in the possible occurrences of metamorphosis, in the surging up of the fantastic in everyday life, not as an intrusion into the real world, but as an inherent part of it, as a latent state.
I create images in which the vegetal, animal and human worlds are entwined, where these worlds fit with and penetrate each other.
I am also interested in topography, in the idea of territory or in the way a body, by spreading, stretching, or changing can take up more space. In a global way, shapes, bodies and objects protrude and grow to emphasize changes or to materialize a transition.
Keeping in mind an elegance of shapes, my proposal is to play with reversals, surrealistic associations, similarities or associations of ideas that remain close to the world of dreams, of childhood and to the collective imagination. Beyond aesthetic images, we deal here with a falsely naïve subversion of our link to the ordinary in order to give a dreamlike dimension to the world around us.